Back Regional Workshop on Arabian Oryx Genetic Management

Regional Workshop on Arabian Oryx Genetic Management

A two-day technical workshop (13-14 March 2018) focusing on genetic management of Arabian Oryx Oryx leucoryx population in the range states was held in Taif, Saudi Arabia. The workshop was organized by the Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA), Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi (EAD) and the General Secretariat for the Conservation of the Arabian Oryx (GSCAO) with the generous sponsorship of the SWA. The key objective of the workshop was to provide collections and experts with the opportunity to present actual daily practices and provide them with information on best measures and approaches to improve the genetic health of Arabian Oryx populations in the Arabian Peninsula. The workshop was attended by 57 wildlife biologists, geneticians and conservation managers of Arabian Oryx collections from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and United Kingdom. Participants discussed challenges in the application of best practices in genetic management and how to overcome these challenges. At the end of the workshop, participants recommended to have more capacity building courses in genetic management with particular focus on planning, sampling, storage and transfer. Workshop participants also urged GSCAO in collaboration with local facilities to develop a regional breeding population that has optimal standards of herd management in the range states.

Conservation sites

Conservation sites
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